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Our tailored security solutions cater to businesses, governments, and individuals. We offer personal protection, surveillance, crisis management, event planning, infrastructure safeguarding, and emergency response. Our team includes security experts, police, military, and intelligence professionals with global experience. With discretion and professionalism, we prioritize customer safety. Our services extend to investigations for financial institutions, addressing absenteeism, creating business profiles, investigating infidelity, and more.

Our security escort service delivers unmatched protection, focusing on private security solutions with armored vehicles and flashing lights for politicians, VIPs, and business leaders. Collaborating with local law enforcement, we ensure safety during high-profile visits worldwide. Our trained security team excels in emergencies, available 24/7. Tailored solutions with confidentiality, and female guards for added versatility. For more details, explore our dedicated page.


We offer global investigation services tailored to diverse sectors, including due diligence, asset tracking, background checks, and fraud investigations.

Our solutions are customized for each client, supported by a global network of partner firms. 

Our training service enhances security with expertly trained dogs and cats detecting various threats.

Operating from Italy, we assess each pet's abilities and employ advanced methods for proficiency.

Our animals adapt to different situations, and our flexible training meets specific needs. 


Global Mountain Group excels in resolving unexploded ordnance challenges with a specialized partner, backed by over 25 years of experience. Our comprehensive solutions enhance safety in urban, agricultural, and aquatic settings globally.

Utilizing demining robotics and amphibious vehicles, we ensure efficient and secure operations regardless of the environment. Our expertise comes from diverse operations in Africa, Syria, Libya, and the Balkans.

Our Close Protection Officer (CPO) training program equips private security professionals to safeguard high-value individuals. The comprehensive curriculum covers risk management, emergency response, and more.

Graduates gain skills to lead VIP security operations and earn internationally recognized certification. We also offer Safe Driving courses and facilitate recruitment for security professionals.

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