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Multimodal escort: cars, helicopters, planes and yachts

Our professional escort service offers the perfect balance of adaptability and unwavering protection. Our highly trained team excels in a variety of protective methods, ensuring flawless safeguarding during foot or vehicular transit. With an array of vehicles, helicopters, jets, and yachts meticulously designed for maximum security, we set the standard for excellence.


Experience Unmatched Security with Our Multimodal Escort Service

Our escort service embodies a fundamental responsibility of our skilled security operators. This service delicately balances adaptability and unwavering resilience, ensuring impeccable protection without unnecessary intrusions. Our specialized team offers a wide range of protective methodologies, both on foot and during vehicular transit. Each member of the Global Mountain Group has undergone meticulous training, covering practical and strategic dimensions.

Our escort service features a fleet of vehicles, helicopters, jets, and yachts meticulously designed for flawless functionality and comprehensive protection. Every aspect is tailored to perfection, setting the benchmark for security solutions.

At the forefront is the esteemed Investigation Department of Global Mountain Group. This department is renowned for excellence in armored vehicles, spanning classifications from B3 to B7. Backed by years of experience and expertise, our security personnel are steadfast in their commitment and proficiency, guaranteeing an unwavering 100% customer safety guarantee.

These services extend worldwide, offering unmatched protection wherever they go. Our operatives come from diverse backgrounds, including elite military and police units, ensuring the highest level of competence and professionalism.

security services with armored cars
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armored car escort service in Europe
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