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The sales department of Global Mountain Group offers an extensive range of premium products, including customized and pre-owned armored vehicles, cash-in-transit vehicles, as well as various models of Agusta helicopters like air ambulances, VIP versions, and transport helicopters. We also provide tactical equipment tailored for law enforcement needs.

Our custom-made armored vehicles and cash-in-transit vehicles are meticulously designed to ensure the utmost security during the transportation of people and valuable items. These vehicles are highly adaptable to meet the specific requirements of our clients and are competitively priced to provide excellent value.

In addition to this, we present a diverse collection of used Agusta helicopters, featuring options like air ambulances, VIP configurations, and transport capabilities. Each helicopter is chosen with precision and can be tailored to fulfill the unique demands of our clients.

Furthermore, we supply top-notch tactical equipment designed for law enforcement purposes. Our range includes surveillance gear, tactical apparel, communication devices, and more, all crafted to meet the stringent demands of modern law enforcement operations.

At the heart of our operation is a team of exceptionally skilled professionals who are dedicated to assisting you in selecting the perfect product that aligns with your needs. Should you be interested in purchasing any of our products or require further information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

We provide an extensive selection of armored vehicles and cash transport cars, directly sourced from the Italian manufacturer. Notably, the production of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 armored B6 is currently underway, allowing for customization during this phase. Our offerings extend to vehicles from Mercedes, Iveco, and Fiat, with protection levels ranging from B3 to B5. Armored trucks are also within our repertoire. Moreover, for our exclusive clientele utilizing Iveco vehicles, we present an elevated protection class, B6.

With an annual production output of approximately 300 vehicles, our target recipients encompass banks, post offices, and those engaged in transporting valuable materials. These vehicles are crafted to meet the stringent security demands of our clientele. We are proficient in delivering tailored solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our customers, all while ensuring the utmost dependability and security of our vehicles.

Iveco-Daily-Armored B6 Europe
mbulanze 4x4 AWD

We are delighted to present an extensive array of ambulances directly sourced from the prominent Italian manufacturer. Our lineup features esteemed brands like Mercedes, Iveco, Man, Volkswagen, and Fiat, each of which can be tailored to fulfill the precise requisites of our customers. Furthermore, we specialize in providing armored ambulances to amplify safety measures.

For our distinguished clients who necessitate heightened protection, we extend the B6 protection class to Iveco and Mercedes 4x4 vehicles.

Our annual production capacity reaches approximately 300 vehicles, ensuring a steadfast output to meet the discerning demands of our customers.

Our core focus centers on delivering bespoke solutions that guarantee the utmost reliability and safety of our vehicles. In addition to our assortment of new vehicles, we also present an expansive range of certified, excellent-condition used ambulances. These vehicles have undergone meticulous assessment directly by the manufacturer.

We take immense pride in offering top-notch rescue vehicles and stand prepared to aid our customers in procuring ambulances that seamlessly align with their distinctive requirements.

We, the official dealer and authorized assistance center for Agusta Westland, are thrilled to extend our services encompassing the sale and support of pre-owned Agusta helicopters to both public and private entities globally.

We remain open to considering collaboration proposals, with the aspiration of becoming the premier partner in your designated region. In addition to facilitating the purchase of used helicopters, we also offer certified training programs for pilots and technical personnel within Italy. These courses equip participants with the essential skills required to ensure optimal efficacy and safety when operating helicopters.

At present, our inventory comprises over 50 available used helicopters. This assortment includes renowned models like AW109, AW119, AW139, AB206, AB212, AB412, AS 350, H130, AS365, AS332, among others. Certain helicopters are readily deliverable within two weeks, while others necessitate approximately two months for preparation, contingent on specific customer specifications.

Our commitment to providing an extensive array of support services is a point of pride. Ranging from routine maintenance to urgent repairs, our expertise as an authorized Agusta Westland service center stands as a testament to our capability.

If you seek pre-owned helicopters or require support and training services, we encourage you to establish contact. Allow us to elucidate how we can cater to your distinct requirements. We stand prepared to assist you, regardless of your location or schedule.



We specialize in providing consultancy and sales services for tactical gear and equipment, catering to investigators and professionals within the field. We take immense pride in extending a diverse array of premium-grade products, meticulously designed to address the comprehensive requirements of the security and investigation industry.

Our dedicated team of experts stands ready to assist you, offering unparalleled guidance to aid in selecting the optimal product for your specific needs. Our repertoire includes detective equipment, surveillance tools, tactical gear, personal defense devices, and an array of other essentials.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our exclusive collaboration with top-tier manufacturers in the industry. We are resolute in offering solely high-quality products, with our product range perpetually evolving to ensure we are equipped to fulfill the dynamic needs of our customers.

Moreover, our dedication extends beyond the point of sale. We take pride in delivering a superior after-sales service, ensuring our customers' contentment with their purchases and offering the necessary support for the proficient utilization of acquired products.

Should inquiries arise or additional information be required, we welcome you to reach out without hesitation. We are poised to assist you in identifying the precise solution that aligns with your security and investigation requisites.

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Global Mountain Group LLC proudly offers exceptional products from a leading specialist in radio jammer production, meeting military needs and providing protection against improvised explosive devices.

Key Points:
Technological Excellence
Civil and Military Focus
Global Collaboration
Commitment to Excellence

We focus on military-grade radio jammers, including IED jammers, artillery jammers, command post vehicles, intercom systems, switches, electrical panels, portable VHF radios, field telephones, MANPAD launchers, ground radar, mechanical parts, equipment, piezoelectric components, ferrite components, steatite ceramic parts, transformers, coils, inductors, wiring, amplifiers, connectors, fittings, components for injection molding, die-casting tools, punching tools, and more. Our extensive jammer range provides advanced technological solutions for specific military and security needs.

In addition, we offer a diverse selection of APCs and MRAPs, with the capacity to produce 100 to 120 armored vehicles annually.

With various departments, we offer services and act as a subcontractor, providing assembly services, including SMD assembly, electronic equipment testing, metalworking, molding, precision mechanical part production, aluminum die-casting, galvanic coating, plastic and rubber part production, tool construction, and production of piezoelectric components and ferrites.

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