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By completing all the courses listed, the final certification of: Executive Close Protection Specialist with relative Badge is obtained.
Bodyguard Academy is a certified and officially recognized training academy in Europe, authorized to train and certify security agents.

Security driver defensive driving course in Europe

Training program carried out with the following subjects:

In our new European base, located in Italy, a prestigious country synonymous with high quality, we are currently setting up a training facility where we will offer a wide range of courses that fully cater to the needs of a Close Protection Officer.

One of our flagship courses is the Security Driver & Defensive Driving, focusing on training security drivers to equip them with the necessary skills to protect VIPs and escort team members during driving operations. Throughout the course, students will learn defensive and evasive driving techniques, enabling them to safely and efficiently operate escort vehicles. The training program also includes lessons on route planning, activating response procedures in case of an attack, and VIP evacuation in emergency situations. Upon completion of the course, students will receive Security Driver and Defensive Driving certificates.

Our priority is to provide high-quality and professional training that meets the industry's demands. We remain committed to delivering excellent services in the field of close protection, with a particular focus on operator training to achieve the highest standards in the industry.

Training program carried out with the following subjects:

  • Dress code and problem solving

  • Customer management and threat analysis

  • Driver section in the escort team

  • Security driver: role and skills

  • Path planning principles

  • Development of the skills necessary to manage a vehicle

  • VIP car: choice of vehicle, features, equipment

  • VIP vehicle driving

  • Preventive safety systems to be applied to the vehicle

  • Driving and evasive maneuvers with the customer's vehicle

  • ESCORT cars: choice of vehicle, features, equipment

  • Driving and defensive maneuvers with escort vehicle

  • Convoy escort formation of up to two vehicles

  • Activations of ambushes with reaction procedures with vehicles

  • VIP evacuation with vehicle

  • Realistic simulations on the street and in environments closed to traffic

The program lasts for four days and provides comprehensive training on the principles of defensive and escort driving, as well as the techniques necessary to ensure the safety of VIPs and the escort team. 

Certificates issued:

                 Security driver and defensive driving skills / Protective driving agent

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