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Explosive Detection and Post-Conflict Clearance Services 

With experience in explosives detection and removal and expertise in restoring conflict-affected territories, we provide safety and security. The use of state-of-the-art drones and advanced technologies ensures efficient operations. Rely on us for reliable solutions to safeguard the future.

De-mining Submerged Areas Dams and Rivers

Full Spectrum Services- comprehensive solutions for demining

Global Mountain Group offers comprehensive solutions for unexploded ordnance disposal in various environments.

Our expertise spans:

  • Submerged Areas: We specialize in disposing of mines, torpedoes, and explosive devices in water bodies such as dams, lakes, and rivers.

  • Urban Areas: Our services include clearing war remnants in cities and towns, ensuring safety and stability.

  • Large Agricultural Lands: We provide ordnance disposal to secure vast cultivated areas, preventing potential hazards.

Our experience is vast, covering operational theaters like Syria, Sub-Saharan Africa, Libya, and the Balkans:

  • Syria: Executing multiple operations to dispose of unexploded ordnance in both urban and rural settings.

  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Offering post-war support in countries including Liberia, Sierra Leone, Angola, and Mozambique.

  • Libya: Collaborating with Libyan authorities for post-war decontamination efforts.

  • Balkans: Regularly conducting operations to eliminate and dispose of ordnance in Balkan countries.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles ensure safe and effective operations:

  • Mine-Clearing Robots: Detect and identify ordnance, minimizing direct human involvement.

  • Drones: Equipped with modern technology for in-depth diagnostics and detection, even under materials or plastic.

  • Specialized Equipment: Utilizing vehicles suited for wetlands, tracked and wheeled vehicles for various terrains.

  • Sonar and Acoustic Indicators: Employed for underwater and deeply buried munition detection.

Our services encompass comprehensive solutions:

  • Explosives Removal: Safely removing various types of explosives.

  • Human Remains Removal: Ensuring respectful recovery of human remains.

  • Vehicle Recovery: Retrieving and restoring destroyed vehicles.

Moreover, our team of specialized engineers can repair bridges, dams, and other infrastructures. We're equipped to handle complex missions, operating with professionalism and precision in high-risk contexts. Our collaboration with authorities and adherence to international safety practices ensure regulatory compliance.

Contact us to discuss your unique needs. Our reputation is built on timely and excellent results, prioritizing safety and integrity in every operation.

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