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By completing all the courses listed, the final certification of: Executive Close Protection Specialist with relative Badge is obtained.

Bodyguard Academy is a certified and officially recognized training academy in Europe, authorized to train and certify security agents.

executive close protection course

Training program carried out with the following subjects:

Training program carried out with the following subjects:

  • Vision of the most suitable weapons for concealed carry and close protection

  • Positioning and correct ways of carrying and concealing the long compact weapon

  • Safe loading and unloading of the weapon

  • Tactical Reload/Emergency Reload

  • Individual reaction to threat from four directions

  • Long weapon/hand weapon transition

  • Principles, method and team communication

  • Moving Shot / Cover Shot

  • Entering/exiting the vehicle and correct internal positioning

  • Reaction to threat and evacuation of the VIP on foot

  • Threat reaction and VIP evacuation with vehicle

  • Defensive reaction from inside a vehicle

  • Protective shooting from vehicles

  • Team protective shooting

Certificates issued:

                                 VIP Security Officer with a Rifle

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